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January 25, 2009


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Contact Lenses without Prescription

Another excellent article about CVD. There is another company making lenses for CVD which is Colorview. The lense technology is much like Colormax. I have personally tried both Chromagen and Colorview lenses.

contact lenses

This is true. I am of those coloblind person. My doctor has this specialized contact lenses for me. And it really works! It isn't that perfect but it helped me alot.

makiyo Beauty's world

Very Infomative post. You made some good points that we still need to wait for the right technology for people who are having color blindness. THanks for sharing

Green contact lenses

Wow, great post.
Color vision deficiency is a great handicap. It is great technology finds a sollution in using contact lenses.


Contact lens quality is very important. Low-quality contact lenses can damage the eye, causing irritations or hurting the eyelid or the cornea.

Currently it is estimated that over 100 million people worldwide wear contact lenses.

contact lenses

if this technology is keep on developing, that will help the color blind people.

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