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October 02, 2008


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I'm in the unique position of having become colorblind only a few years ago. I was recently diagnosed with a degenerative disorder of the retina that has left me red/green colorblind. Therefore, I do know what colors things should be but I don't always get that message. I know what red and green look like but a lot of the times, I only see brown.

It's been a big wake up call (in a lot of ways!) in the video game world as well as the information presentation aspect of the web itself. There is certainly plenty of frustration to be had when simply wanting to enjoy a game of (your video game goes here...with the exception of Peggle!), but it's also maddening to try to read a weather map showing where the precipitation is ("Um, it's where that one color of brown is moving in over that other color of brown...") or a map presenting statistics of some kind...bar graphs, anything where the distinction is being made by color alone is all but useless to those of us with this condition.

It would be phenomenal if software developers (oh and by the way, I am one) would keep this population of users in mind when putting together requirements for the next app being developed that will heavily incorporate color. With the prevlance of the internet in everyday life, this is quickly reaching the point where this could become an ADA-like issue akin to ramps on sidewalks and braille signage in elevators, etc.

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